About An Inspirational Journey

Founded by Chair, Heather Jackson, An Inspirational Journey is all about “Better Balance, Better Business” and working to positively influence and address the imbalance of talent that currently exists at the top of corporate UK and Europe, with particular focus on middle management through to executive. It is the only business-led solution aimed to help support more organisations, their leaders and their women to build cultures and deliver programmes that will allow the best talent to lead regardless of gender, sector or region.

Delivered as a collaborative sustainable series of programmes, events and online activities, including The Pearls Programme, The Two Percent Club, Ach-Eve and The Balanced Business Forum (formally The Women's Business Forum). An Inspirational Journey, over the last few years, has supported more than 1700 global companies to understand and deliver solutions regarding the business imperative of “better balance, better business”. Working in partnership with RBS, some 1200 women are engaged on The Pearls Programme, reaching out to some 5000 aspiring females in the talent pipeline, from organisations representing all sectors of business and industry.

The Pearls Programme seeks to fix the leaking female talent pipeline by providing career support and direction for women from middle through to senior and executive management through a programme of events, networking and online resources. Designed to deliver a sustainable approach, the programme draws together talented women from all sectors, regions and industries to grow, support and develop.

The Two Percent Club drives forward and positively influences the issue of the under representation of women at the top of UK business. The club is a national organisation with regional representation and engages with the most senior and influential women from the private, public, academic, charity and entrepreneurial sectors. Women are active advocates of this serious business issue and are committed to supporting and delivering the increased representation of gender balance throughout an organisation.

Ach-Eve is a programme created and developed for both female and male talent identified as having the potential to reach the executive within 7 years.  It has been designed to complement the internal talent objectives of companies and drive forward effective performance of not just the organisation but the individual leader too.  Ach-Eve will support individuals and organisations who are focused on attracting, retaining and developing their female talent pipeline, from senior management through to the executive, and ensure it is not only strong and well represented but provides a sustainable solution to a challenge faced by many.

Companies on Board

The Balanced Business Forum - driving performance through better balanced business. The best performing companies have the best performing teams and attract, retain and develop the best talent, regardless of gender.  Talent management is one of the key enablers to delivering a sustainable business.  The Balanced Business Forum (formally The Women's Business Forum) is the World's first gender balanced leadership conference.  We challenge, debate and deliver effective leadership and organisational performance via the delivery of progressive and sustainable talent management solutions. 

AIJ.TV is our latest collaborative project. In the past few years, two words that have continually arisen in conversations regarding the importance of effective leadership have been “Authenticity” and “Transparency”. AIJ.TV is a platform created to inspire, provide guidance and direction to the next generation of future leaders regardless of gender. It is a series of ten minute interviews titled, “Real Leaders, Real Conversations”. Streamed on the internet, it features men and women in leadership who represent the very essence of these leadership attributes. Our strapline is “Invest 10 minutes a week for a lifetime of experience.”